Meet and Greet at Dick Clemans’s Home

A hand full of neighbors were waiting for Karen when she arrived 10 minutes early to Dick’s house near the Snohomish Library. The first topic was problems in the neighborhood, parking, loud parties, but at the top of the list was homeless drug users that hang out around the library, using benches along the Centennial Trail.

Dick changed the subject with his question of just what is affordable housing. The general definition, Karen explained, is housing that costs no more than 30% of your income, of course, many people are paying more than that in today’s housing market.

Following a lively discussion on many issues, Dick brought the group back to affordable housing as something he wanted to work on to close the get-together.

It that spirit, follow this link to for a list of affordable housing units in Snohomish.

At Jen, Jason & Baby Oona’s Home

Jen and Jason with baby Oona live only a few blocks from us up Avenue C in a historic home built around the 1900s, quite possibly earlier. Jen practices yoga with Karen who feels privileged to have watched Jen’s body change as baby Oona grew. Oona is an Anglicisation of the Irish-language name Úna. It’s a name made famous by Eugene O’Neill’s daughter, who became Charlie Chaplin’s wife. (Got to love the internets.)

On Gail’s Deck

Many thanks to Gail Jackson Brown for hosting Karen’s first Meet & Greet gathering in homes, but in this case, it was on Gail’s wonderful deck overlooking the soccer fields. We came away with two short clips in spite of the gathering darkness.

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