Caring for the health, safety, and happiness of all.


Kindness is a guiding principle in my life and in this campaign for Position 7 on the Snohomish City Council. I am making a commitment to the small-town values where we care for the health, safety, and happiness of all citizens. I believe in Preserving our History and Promoting our Vitality as a core mission.

We need to promote more affordable housing and create a stronger and more resilient city. We can continue to be one of the top 10 Best Small Cities in America!

Karen’s Swearing-in for her Fourth Four-Year-Term! Thank you voters of Snohomish.

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Congressman Rick Larsen • Serra Club • Representative John Lovick • Snohomish County Treasurer Brian Sullivan • Everett City Councilmember Paul Roberts •Marilene Richardson •Aleksandar Babic •Kristin Kelly •Teresa Courtney •Elaine McClain •Peter Messinger •Candace Jarrett & David Cordell •Rick Jacobson •Lea Anne Burke •Sam & Connie Janke •Christine &Todd Nichols •Kyoko Matsumoto •Gail Jackson Brown •Mary Waggoner •Dawn Peyton Wheatley •Julie O’Farrell •Bonny Headley •Don & Paula Dillinger •Robin McGee •Diana Raphael Carver •Mary Pat Connors •Alice Armstrong •Marta Gronlund •Julie Davis •Melody Clemans •Jan Lengenfelder •Judith Kuleta •Jared Mead •Kayla Meduna •Kelly Holderman •Lynn Schilaty •Joan Wilson •Ellen Lipinski •Terry Lippincott

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Follow this link to view Karen’s Extensive Experience in Public Service.

The featured Image of Karen in a yoga pose on the city hall steps is one of a dozen images produced in celebration of her 75th Birthday, view all on her Teacher Page, Yoga Circle Studio.