Artist. Yogi. Politician

Artist: “I remember the day I was inspired to create my first painting. I wore a plastic apron and surrounded myself with tempera paints. I painted a giant sun disc and when I finished, I had this huge sense of Wow!” [MORE]

Yogi: “I started yoga when I was 50. I wasn’t at home with how I wanted to be in my body. After a while, I realized that in order to really commit to yoga in a meaningful way, I needed to teach. I opened a studio. I thought it would be helpful for the community. I love spreading the principles of yoga. It’s all about creating peace of mind and passing it on.” [MORE]

kindness crew

Politician: “In junior high, I was the president of the student council. I was very interested, even then, in taking a leadership role and being of service. Community service is a great opportunity for spiritual growth, working for a more peaceful, effective, celebratory community. It’s a big art project that improves the quality of life for a lot of people. I want to have my life count for something. I want to make a positive impact in some way. To make a difference.” [MORE]

April Fools Day 2019

Yes, we got hitched on April First and celebrated on May 25, 2019, a Saturday in the AngelArmsWorks Studio, Third and B in Snohomish. The invitation read:

“Family dinner at 5 o’clock followed by Vows and Cake-cutting with Champagne at 8 o’clock (begin gathering at 7:30p), followed by the Marriage Party featuring live music with nephew Robert, his band The Letters, and talented family members, plus the First Dance by the Bride and Groom.”

If you wish, visit our “gift registry” at Blanc & Rouge Wine in Snohomish.

And as many of you know Karen will be celebrating her 80th Birthday on May 21st — “It’s my Birthday, I’ll get married if I want to,” she said; and Warner said, “Yes!”

Municipal Court with Judge Laura on April 1, 2019

. . .

Thanks to All for Standing with Karen in 2017

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your donation to my campaign. I’m disappointed that I will not be your Mayor. The vote was close, but not enough to win. Still, I feel great gratitude for the over 170 people who supported me by giving to my campaign, and the hundreds of volunteers who gave of their time and their enthusiasm.

We did a good job:

• Placing over 650-yard signs plus 12 supersized ones;
• Mailing to voters four times – one letter plus 3 jumbo postcards;
• Advertising aggressively online, reaching over 9,000 residents with over 82,000 impressions and a high click-through rate of 6.5%;
• Hosting 3,500+ visitors to with multiple video views;
• Keeping our Karen Guzak 4 Mayor Facebook page relevant and interactive, responding to comments and questions daily;
• Sharing about 10 positive Herald and Tribune Letters to the Editor;
• Attending 12 community Meet & Greets and 4 candidate forums;
• Hosting two community-wide fun events: Kanines for Karen Dog Walk,
and the Community Celebration at the Feather Ballroom;
• Doorbelling with the Kindness crew about 90% of Snohomish;
• Calling and following up with strong supporters to Get Out The Vote;
• Sign waving for two weeks each election with over 150 friends;
• Receiving endorsements from the Governor, the Herald, and more;
• Welcoming donated display ads at KlaHaYa Village and Snohomish Inn.

Please visit News & Events for a browsing stroll down memory lane.

. . . .

Ann Staton, former project manager for the City of Snohomish;
John Lovick, State Representative, 44th LD;
G. Jackson Brown, Snohomish Voter;
Todd Morrow, Community Transit;
Marga Rose Hancock, writer, and Seattle friend;
Jackie Roelen, Snohomish friend;
Candace Jarrett Snohomish voter;
Bill Fulton, former Snohomish Councilmember, owner Snohomish Inn;
Mina Williams & Bruce Rutkin, Snohomish friends;
Laura Ann Reed Stutz & Jon Dennis Stutz, Snohomish voters;
Shannon Halberstadt, Director of Artist Trust;
Brian Reynolds, Snohomish voter;
Katrina Ondracek, former candidate for State House;
Penelope Gunterman, friend;
Carisa Trejo, friend;
Randy Bolerjack, friend;
Peter Moore, AngelArmsWorks gardener;
Jennifer Gregerson, Mayor of Mukilteo;
Kay Ditzenberger, Snohomish Voter;
Susan Cedergreen, Snohomish Voter;
Roxanna Angell, friend;
Dale Preboski , candidate Snohomish city council;
Paul Kaftanski, former city councilmember;
Nancy Krause, friend;
Rita + Bob Bazley, Snohomish Voters;
Beth Hamlin, Snohomish Voters;
Scott Riefler, a friend
Bridgette Newfield, friend;
Cindy Portmann, retired County Auditor;
George Price, Snohomish Voter
Julie Meghji, friend;
Lya Badgley, former Snohomish Councilmember
Barbara Rohe, Snohomish Voter
Willie Dickerson, Snohomish Voter
Kristin Kelly, Snohomish Voter
Bert Sugayan & Mary Curry
Michael Whitney
Michael J. Brewer
Jerry Hautamaki, Snohomish Voter
Bill Trueit
Sam & Connie Janke
Teresa Courtney, Snohomish Voter
Mike Alexander, Friend
Elaine McClain, Snohomish Voter
Julie Mackoff Friend
Melody Clemans, Former city council member
Elizabeth Loomis, Former city councilmember
Maureen Loomis, Snohomish Voter
Diane Bylund, Friend
Julie Davis, Snohomish Voter
Carroll Brown, Snohomish Voter
Joan Robinett Wilson
Vicki Machovsky, Friend
Robert Johnson, Snohomish Voter
Valerie Woolvett, Snohomish Voter
Carol Roorbach, Snohomish Voter
Tom Merrill, Snohomish Voter
Kendra Trachta, Snohomish Voter
Mac Maruder, Snohomish Voter
Bruce Keithly, Friend
Carrie Bolden, Snohomish Voter
Alex deSoto, Snohomish Voter
Karen Crowley, Snohomish Voter
Karen Brandon, Friend
Konrad & Amy Moeller, Snohomish Voter
Penny & David Shively, Friends
Martin Cayford, Snohomish Voter
Linda Redmon, Snohomish Voter
Rose Fowler, Friend
Judy Fay, Friend
Andrew Urie, Snohomish Voter
Mary Waggoner, Snohomish Voter
Bruce Agnew, Friend
Ron Dotzauer, Strategies 360
Hank Robinett, Snohomish Voter
Winn & jeff Ryman, Snohomish Voters
Leslie Smith, Friend
Peg & Jeff Cox, Friend
Andy & Joelle Blair, Snohomish Voter
Garth Henry, Snohomish Voter
Darlene Ulsh, Snohomish Voter
Peter Messinger, Snohomish Voter
Christi Norman, Snohomish Voter
Eleanor Church, Snohomish Voter
Rebecca Loveless & Jack Williams,
Melinda Gladstone, Friend
Laura Henderson, Snohomish Voter
Cliff & Rosemary Bailey,
Carrie Blair, Friend
Connie Singer, Friend
Jerra Fjelstad, Friend
Dan & Diane Smoots,
Ellen Lipinski,
Ron Dotzauer, c/o Strategies 360
Carol Meagher, Snohomish voter
Hank Robinett,
Don Kusler,
Mary Pat Connors & Janet Kusler, Snohomish business owners, friends
Steve Camp,
Tim Minter,
Max Weed,
Phoebe Backleda, Snohomish voter
Shelly Moeur, Snohomish voter
Terry Lippencott, Snohomish voter
Elden Wexler, Snohomish business owner
Tom Scott, Snohomish voter
Kristin Lord,
Terry Ryan, Snohomish County Councilmember
Cynthia Elliott,
David Spencer,
Frederick Rowe,
Bridgid Smith
Mary Pat Connors & Janet Kusler
Carol Meagher
Lena Coleman-Meyer
Terry Thoren
Phil Baldwin
Karen Crowley
Diana McGinness
Lorraine Read
Tim & Meta Bliss
Layne Goldsmith
Snohomish Business Park LLC
Christine Wakefield Nichols
Kathy Cox
Tom Pendergast
Mary Waggoner
Carolyn Dode Carlson
Diana R. Carver
Chris & Becky Guzak
Vicki Mahovsky
Candace McKenna
Valerie Woolvett & Rob Johnson
Jennifer Severin
Frederick Dober
Steve Galea
Rich Patton
Paul & Marianne Roberts
David Schooler
Joan Robinette Wilson
Karen Crowley
Martha Dankers
Mary Dickinson
Diane Gordon
Lorrie Petersen
Dale Preboski
Paul Roberts
Henry Robinett
Carol Roorbach
Jeanie SanClemente
Laura Scott
Evergreen UU Fellowship
Roxanna Angell
Susan Cedergreen
Kay Ditzenberger
Nancy Krause
Julie Meghji
Peter Moore
Bridgette Newfield
Cindy Portmann
George Price
Scott Riefler
Sonia Siegel Vexler
Lya Badgley
Walter Dill
Paul & Donna Kammer
L.N. & T.G. McCrea
Lori Sterley
Lynette Weick
Janelle Farley Beyer