Save the Dates: 9/30 & 10/14

Jeff Velta has stepped up to help promote Karen’s campaign with two fun community events.

Saturday, October 30: Parade of Pets from Cady Landing along the Snohomish Riverfront Trail to Kla Ha Ya Park for Treats and Surprises at 1p.

Saturday, October 14: Gatherings for Guzak
Feather Ballroom, 801 First Street

10a-Noon: Tim Noah Family Fun & Yoga with Karen
2-5p: Open Mic with Richard Fynn,
No host Sandwich Bar by Hungry Pelican

7-10p Let’s Dance! Featuring the local F Street Project
No host Wine & Beer Bar | Appetizers by Hungry Pelican

Suggested Donation: $10 each or $20 Family

And save October 1st for a Q & A Session with Karen at the Waltz Building, 116 Avenue B, 2-4p.

At Jen, Jason & Baby Oona’s Home

Jen and Jason with baby Oona live only a few blocks from us up Avenue C in a historic home built around the 1900s, quite possibly earlier. Jen practices yoga with Karen who feels privileged to have watched Jen’s body change as baby Oona grew. Oona is an Anglicisation of the Irish-language name Úna. It’s a name made famous by Eugene O’Neill’s daughter, who became Charlie Chaplin’s wife. (Got to love the internets.)

Finding the Middle Way

karen guzak

September 13, the Snohomish Networking Women met at Karen’s studio AngelArmsWorks in the renovated St. Michael Church at 3rd and Avenue B for their monthly meeting. As is the custom, the host is given the stage to talk about their work and Karen talk about the city’s successes over the nine years she as served on council and her current run for mayor. The following sequence of images is of Karen explaining the struggle to find the middle way as a leader.

karen guzak
karen guzak
karen guzak
karen guzak

karen guzak

. . . .

Follow this link to learn more about Snohomish Networking Women.

Changing of the Guard

karen guzak

And Karen’s in the middle.

Snohomish bid farewell to now Captain Flood and welcomed Lt. Keith Rogers as our new Chief of Police effective today. John Flood was promoted to Captain and reassigned to oversee the sheriff’s office north and south precincts.

karen guzak

Karen and Captain Flood bonded when as mayor Karen promoted contracting our police services with the county and Flood was the first Chief of Police. That was an emotional time in January 2012, losing our independent police force, but it has proven a sound decision with both better service while saving $800,000 a year.

Follow this link for the full story in the Herald.

Join the Kindness Team

kindness crew

Join many of your neighbors who are already door-belling for Karen wearing the handsome red t-shirts. Call Karen at 360.568.1000 to learn more.

Door-belling not for you, consider organizing a Meet and Greet meeting at your house with your neighbors. Check the calendar on the left for open dates.