Karen’s Snohomish Timeline

2017: The Daily Herald has endorsed Karen for Mayor of Snohomish:

“Guzak is the best choice for mayor, but she will need the assistance of a council that also is committed to consensus and finding a way forward on several issues.”

. . . .

1993: Purchased the former St Michael Church in a bankruptcy sale, moved to Snohomish part-time;

1994: Renovated the rectory, painting, landscaping, added to the Historic District by Resolution 837, April 2, 1994;

2000: Renovation of the church for joint art studio; moved to Snohomish full-time;

2001: Joined Chamber of Commerce, awarded Spirit of Snohomish in 2017;

2001: Appointed to the Historic Design Review Board, then served as Chair through 2007;

2003: Opened Yoga Circle Studio on Pine Street;

2008: Elected to the Snohomish City Council; served as Vice-Chair Snohomish County Tomorrow through 2017;

2010: Elected Mayor by Councilmembers four times through 2017; served on the County Board of Health through 2015; Co-Chair Highway 9 Coalition through 2016; doubled the size of Yoga Circle Studio;

2012: Co-Chair Eastside TRailways Coalition through 2016; served on the Snohomish Food Bank Board through 2016;

2015: Recipient of the Snohomish Rotary’s Paul Harris Award;

Currently serving as a Councilmember through 2019; membership continues in the Committee for Strategic Planning, Snohomish County Tomorrow, the Snohomish Womens’ Network and Snohomish Giving Circle.

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