Campaign Statement

Our city is changing to a “strong” mayor form of government. I embrace that change, bringing years of experience to maintain stability and continuity in our city services. I have management and financial skills. I am a forward looking team builder, a positive and pragmatic problem solver, and one who believes in service, community, and quality as inspiration. I am a creator, not a destroyer, a uniter not a divider.

Strong in my commitment to our small town values, where we care for the health, safety, and happiness of all citizens of our beloved city. Promoting our city and our region to support Snohomish’s vision of preserving our historic roots while promoting our vitality is a core mission. I know and love our city and I am prepared to serve.

I believe in sensible solutions, balance, fiscal responsibility, continuing to lower sewer and water rates, preserving our streets, sidewalks, trails, and parks to promote a more livable city.

Working for a stronger and more compassionate community, I am dedicated to protecting our families, our businesses; and, I recognize that strength comes from embracing everyone. Together we will continue to be one of the Ten Coolest Small Towns in America.