Picturing Paradise: An Artist Made Garden


I am weary of talk of war without end.
I am afraid of military might in the service of prideful politics.
I am grieving for the intelligent beings destroyed by our smarter bombs.
I am resisting the ignorance that tries to simplify the life of our hearts and minds.
I am bowed by the arrogance and greed of the ruling class.
I am forlorn in the smirking poker face of power and lies.
I distrust compassion clothed in rigid righteousness.


I long for peace of mind.
I am dreaming a vision of an earthly heaven.
I hope for balance, for gentleness, for nurturing, for the loving choice.
I am planning a future flowering of nature’s abundance and beauty.
I am moving to take a small step, to dig the dirt.
I am working for the better in my little world.


A joyful coincidence of opposites in my garden,
That collide to create the substance of all things.
And provide a taste of the fruit of life.
I am picturing paradise....