Video: Half way there

Our City of Snohomish is one of the top ten coolest cities in America, and we are now changing our form of government. I am embracing this opportunity to lead the change in city government in a positive way — looking forward with enthusiasm, rather than the negative, backward view of my opponent.

My leadership and management experience, I will set in place an organizational framework that will transition City Hall to better understand, communicate and align with City resident’s aspirations for the community and build an even stronger, financially viable Snohomish that is even sweeter — even cooler.

Thanks for your support — we are half way there. I will need your vote in November.

2 Replies to “Video: Half way there”

  1. Karen, I would like to know what the negative, backward views of John T Kartak are that you are claiming he has, as I take offense to that statement in your video. It is a disingenuous remark that I’d like you to explain.

    With Concern,
    Randy Hardy

    1. I also am “with concern.”
      From my experience of my opponent:
      The negatives, for example – no City Manager, no Council-Manager form of government, no focus group, no Pilchuck District, no growth, no traffic, no domestic partnerships, no right to choose, no Buddha in a church yard.
      Backwards views, in my opinion, all of the above.
      And, my experience of many of his supporters – generally taking offense. Randy, I thought you were more open to different points of view.

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